KrionStudio is coming back with full speed and better gear!!!                  5.26.13

 Dear viewers,

After our long absence we are finally ready to gear up and once again start providing content for you! Krion has bought a brand new PC which can handle heavier live-streaming and recording and there are several new members that have joined the KrionStudio who are quickly going to make their way to providing you with the best video game entertainment. Expect some updates on the both the site and channel designs as well as news about new shows and video series soon. We have also set up a PayPal account on which we are accepting any amount of donations!!! From a penny to several dollars that you are willing to invest in us, we would greatly appreciate your support and make sure that in return we can provide you with higher quality content, giveaways, fun events and more fresh features!!!

Best Regards,

The Team

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The FATAL Episode 7 will come ALIVE !!!                                          9.20.11

Dear viewers,

KrionStudio would like to let you all know that Episode 7 will take place but as we said we have been having working on our partnership with and we are basically starting over again. In a way... but not exactly... It's hard to explain with simple words, but you will like it. Also just some feedback on what we have been doing lately:

-Victor Petkov (aka Krion)

Meanwhile... Vince Cozza (aka Deager)


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